Scenario in a state university college
5th Semester;
Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab

Step 1: You enter lab and following is written on white board-
"write a program in C to implement Heap sort".

Step 2: Everybody makes awkward faces as if they are asked to indulge in some morbid affairs.

Step 3: Faculty of DAA screams that he will not give a single mark in practicals in the end sem if they don't execute the  program written on the white board.

Step 4: Everybody babbles some random mocking comment on that faculty.

Step 5: Everybody  keeps calm and switches on the PC.

Step 6: Out of 100 minutes lab 20 minutes have passed and nobody has typed more than this
void main() 
int a;


Step 7: A few ingenious students(including maggus) try to search google and find the code in the very first link but the teacher screams again "No body dare to copy code from google". Others dont even bother to search on google.

Step 8: 20 more minutes pass and still nobody has typed more than this. The magus pretends as if they are actually programming by copying code from google line by line.

Step 9: Faculty keeps calm and switches on the projector and the code for the same program is displayed.

Step 10: WTF!!the code is same as it is on the very first link on google; even the variables and function names are also same!!Everyone copies that from projector. Someingeniouses copy paste the whole code (from the same very first link displayed on google search result from which the faculty has copied) in txt file and rename it to c file and paste it in the bin folder. 100 mins pass bell rings and viola you have just made a program of Heap sort.

Credit and Source: Shakti-K-Gupta